Private Glass Blowing Classes San Diego

Glass Blowing Lessons and Class San Diego

Glass Blowing San Diego specializes in teaching beginning private glassblowing lessons. For anyone interested in learning about the art of blown glass, we offer a variety of options. Take an individual lesson, or come with your significant other. Bring your whole family, including the kids, or come with a group of friends. We offer team building workshops where you learn with your fellow workers. Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or any occasion with a glassblowing party. If you’re in San Diego for vacation, Glassblowing San Diego can be a novel addition to the beach or the zoo.

Our beginner classes are designed for students who have little or no glassblowing experience.

Class times are flexible. We can schedule a time that works for you.

To schedule a lesson, or to purchase a lesson as a gift, call 619-991-5368 or email

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